Our school is blessed with an amazing team of people who are passionate about the Lord, families, and education! As a ministry of our church, FCS is led by the following groups of people who support and equip our incredible faculty & staff!

  • Pastoral Staff & Next Gen Ministry Staff of Fayette Baptist Church
  • FCS Director of School
  • FCS School Advisory Board

School director

Allison McDaniel

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Allison is passionate about the Lord, children, and education! She is here to partner with families through the discipleship and education of our students. Our faculty & staff is also led, developed, and discipled through our Director of School. Allison is excited about developing FCS for growth in grades, programs, and academics for our future. 

Allison has a vast experience in a variety of education settings including preschool, elementary, and secondary teaching at private, public, and Christian schools. She has her Masters in Educational Leadership from Arkansas State University and is experienced in STEM, Teacher Development, Mentoring, and Preschool and Children's Ministry. 

Allison is married to Jeff McDaniel and they have 2 girls in high school and elementary. She was raised in a Christian home and came to know the Lord as a child. She has been pursuing God's calling on her life to impact the lives of children with the Gospel through education! 

administrative pastor


Pastor Daniel is the Administrative Pastor of our church and school. He first met his wife, Julie, in a middle school class at a Christian school. They are blessed with 5 children named Jenna (14), Jett (12), June (10), Jarrett (8), and Jase (3)! God used Daniel’s family, involvement in a local church, and 13 years of Christian school education to develop him into the follower of Christ and minister of the Gospel that he is today. He used those environments to instill in him a passion & calling for ministering to the Next Generation through education & discipleship. Daniel earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration from Christian Brothers University and will soon complete his Masters of Arts in Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He enjoys working with others to accomplish God’s plans and is looking forward to seeing FCS develop & launch students into the world for the Kingdom of God! 

FCS School advisory board

Our School Advisory Board provides advice, assistance, and accountability to the Director of School and Pastoral Staff in regards to all aspects of Fayette Christian School. It is comprised of 9 members who are passionate about Kingdom Education.