At Fayette Christian School, we desire for our students to learn diligently, live sacrificially, and launch intentionally into the world for Christ. We strive for our students to know the love of Jesus in a deeply personal way - in a way that permeates through every aspect of their lives. 

7,000...That is roughly how many days a child has between the time that they are born till they enter into adulthood. Our desire at FCS is to partner with parents from "crib to college" in educating their children. However, whether your child attends FCS at a young age or not, we are committed to pouring our lives into each child from the day that they arrive on campus until the day they graduate. We understand that parents are the primary molders of these students. We also know, however, that the school plays an important role in the influence of each student since the average child spends the majority of their time during the day in a school environment. Once your child finishes their senior year our hope and prayer is that we have helped each student graduate with the principles laid out in our Portrait of a Warrior Graduate.


FCS graduates . . . 

• Exhibit foundational knowledge and competence in academic disciplines. 

• Communicate effectively through listening, speaking, and writing. 

• Possess the knowledge and skills for success in making decisions, managing resources, relating to others, and functioning in the workforce. 

• Value and demonstrate the skills of life-long learning - including thinking critically, accessing information, solving problems, and collaborating with others. 

• Utilize current technologies effectively and ethically. 

• Appreciate and demonstrate creativity and artistic expression. 

• Continue to pursue a life of learning; both intellectually and spiritually. 

• Possess basic biblical literacy, the tools of biblical interpretation, and the know how to draw on the Bible for spiritual discernment. 

"Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth." 

-Psalm 86:11


FCS graduates . . . 

• Explore the implications of Jesus' call for their own lives, grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and the faith community, and understand faith as a life-long journey. 

• Ask questions and seek answers through the practice of spiritual disciplines and the counsel of others. 

• Explore and develop their God-given gifts. 

• Value worship as an essential part of Christian life and utilize the skills acquired at FCS to participate meaningfully in worship. 

• Articulate their beliefs, values, and convictions. 

• Practice service and peacemaking as practical expressions of Christian discipleship. 

• Display confidence and courage, through a reliance on Christ. 

• Cultivate and analyze a Biblical Christian worldview. 

• Engage in culture with biblically-based thoughts, ideas, truth, and a respectful defense of their Christian beliefs. 

• Know that their identity rests in the Image of God. 

• Strive for excellence in all matters, as a way to glorify Jesus Christ. 

"Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did." -I John 2:6


FCS graduates . . . 

• Maintain healthy relationships with others, build friendships, and resolve conflict peaceably. 

• Practice stewardship of all God has entrusted to them - including personal gifts, physical wellness, the environment, time, and resources. 

• Participate in congregational and broader church life. 

• Seek to be compassionate leaders. 

• Value diversity and demonstrate cultural sensitivity. 

• Balance conscientious work with generous service, enjoyment of leisure, and Sabbath rest. 

• Demonstrate integrity and honesty. 

• Serve and respect one another, their school, and the greater community. 

• Practice a strong work ethic. 

"Whoever wants to become great among us must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave – just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom

for many." - Matthew 20: 26-28