As FCS grows, we have many hopes and dreams to expand what we offer to families. Below are some areas that we will prayerfully pursue as God allows us to advance the educational experience for students...


We are committed to growing the ministry of FCS by adding at least one grade per year until we develop a complete school through 12th Grade. We desire for the school to become a place where students can attend from birth to graduation. The goal is to see fully-developed disciples launched into the world to make a Kingdom impact. As FCS grows in grades, there will be many other areas that we will potentially grow...


Plans for expansion of a two story building that will provide us with classrooms, a dedicated gym, locker rooms, offices, and a lobby with a larger worship center. This building would serve upper elementary, middle school and high school students. This facility would also provide another drive thru entrance on the west side of the campus, primarily serving as a middle and high school entrance. 

Recently purchased is our GROW Building located next door to our main campus that will include additional 6 classrooms once renovated.

Plans for an outdoor athletic complex with fields for multiple sports is also in the making.

  • Our prayer is for every student to learn what it means to be a servant inside and outside of school. Opportunities and hands on experiences will be provided throughout the year both locally and across the mid-south for missions and ministry to take place. 
  • As students enter middle school and high school there will be opportunities for outreach nationally and internationally through mission trips to various states and other countries. 
  • High impact weekly chapel services with praise team and guest speakers throughout the area will challenge students to grow spiritually. 
  • Spiritual Emphasis weeks and weekend retreats will also be a part of a students life. Ministry threads will also be provided for students who have a desire to preach, teach with all ages, or be a missionary. 


Hands on experiences to educate the whole child from elementary to high school. This will involve plans to expand STEM labs, foreign languages, and the utilization of advanced technology into the classroom. Middle School and High School students will experience various clubs (yearbook, photography, etc), Honors and AP classes, Dual Enrollment and Vo-Tech classes. Bible classes such as Apologetics and Personal Evangelism that provide students the tools they need to both defend their faith and share their faith with others. Ultimately all programs and classes seek to look at things through a Biblical lens, thus developing a Biblical Worldview.


Team sports will continue to grow in Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Cheerleading. As students move into middle school and high school other sports will be added as growth allows such as Football, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Track, and Cross Country. Sports are a tool and platform to use God given talents to ultimately glorify the Lord and point others to Christ.


Performing Arts, Music (Choir and Band), and Art will expand in Upper Elementary. As students enter into middle school and high school fine arts competition as well as yearly plays and programs highlighting fine arts will be on display. Fine Arts are another great platform to use God given talents to bring glory to the Lord and point others to Him.